Why Easybead?

A flawless finish in seconds

The unique design allows even complete DIY novices to easily create a professional-quality bead in seconds. It’s a faster, neater job, and provides the ultimate finishing touch for kitchens and bathrooms.

Do it right, do it once  

The Easybead® Applicator forces sealant deep into the joint to create a permanent, watertight seal. And the flat tip creates a well-defined, super-smooth finish that helps to repel dirt and moisture. So it stays cleaner and lasts longer.

Do more with less  

It channels 100% of the sealant directly to the bead, so there’s no waste, no mess on adjoining surfaces, and no need for masking tape. And because the Easybead® Applicator comes free with Everlasting Sealant, there’s no need to buy additional smoothing tools. So it’s fast, clean, and saves money too!

Easybead® faster, neater, cleaner.

A professional finish now comes as standard – thanks to Easybead®.


Now even a DIY novice can apply a professional bead in seconds. There’s no need to mess around with masking tape, and the days of finishing a bead with a lolly-stick or a wet finger are well and truly over. With the Easybead® Applicator, you can achieve a flawless finish every time.


Easybead® Benefits

  • Produces a professional bead in seconds

  • Incredibly easy to use

  • No mess – the Easybead® Applicator clears excess sealant

  • Saves time and money – no need for masking tape

  • Reduces waste – so you do more with less

  • Handles corners and curves effortlessly

  • Works as a hand-held tool.



1) Push the Easybead Applicator onto the cartridge nozzle and hold the gun so that the tip of the applicator fits into the joint you wish to seal. By applying gentle pressure, the flexible wiping edges will sit tightly against the horizontal and vertical surfaces to produce an optimum angle bead.


2) Squeeze the trigger to produce a slow, steady flow of sealant then draw the applicator gently along the joint. Try to ensure an even pressure and constant sealant flow throughout. If you make a mistake, don’t worry. Any imperfections can easily be put right by drawing the applicator over the flawed section a second time.


3) The smoothing action of the tip will create a professional-standard bead with a well-defined finish. Any excess sealant will be collected by the applicator edges, leaving adjoining surfaces spotlessly clean.