The Easybead® Applicator

Like many great inventions, the Easybead Applicator is based on a very simple design.

The angled edges ensure accurate and efficient application of the bead, while the flat tip provides a super-smooth finish. The applicator wings scoops excess sealant and guide it back to the bead – creating a tidier job and reducing waste.


The Easybead® Applicator is very easy to use, creating an immaculate finish to kitchens and bathrooms.  It’s great for applying a long, even bead, and it’s just as effective handling the corners and curves of a sink or shower unit.


For really awkward jobs in tight spaces, simply detach the Applicator and apply a bead using just the nozzle. Then use the Applicator as a hand-held tool to apply the perfect finish.


For a larger bead, simply trim the scored tip to increase bead size to 10mm or 12mm.

Easybead® Nozzle

The super-tough Easybead® Nozzle fits all standard 310ml mastic cartridges and has been carefully designed to provide maximum control while applying sealant or caulk. Unlike standard nozzles, the Easybead® nozzle has a broad base which fixes securely to the gun and prevents the nozzle from shearing off under pressure.


The reinforced ribs make the nozzle very rigid, allowing you to apply greater pressure without bending it. At the end of the nozzle, the anti-rotation ribs ensure the applicator stays firmly in place, even when forcing sealant into tight joints.


These three unique features combine to make the Easybead® Nozzle far stronger and more precise than a conventional sealant nozzle.


The Easybead® Nozzle fits all standard 310ml mastic cartridges and can be used with or without the Easybead® Applicator.

Applies & Smoothes™ Silicone Sealants

Our high-performance Acetoxy Silicone Sealants are available in clear and white and come with a 20-year guarantee.

High modulus acetoxy silicone sealant contains a powerful fungicide that provides long-term protection against mould growth. This superior, high-performance sealant will adhere to almost any surface, and once cured it is highly elastic and resistant to UV light, chemicals, detergent and disinfectant, so it won't crack or quickly degrade. Perfect for sealing around baths, showers, sinks, tiled surfaces, worktops, windowsills, and other general areas. Not to be used on marble or natural stone.